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Eugene, Oregon Petitions for Paternity

In many family law cases the paternity of the child may need to be determined. Whether the father of the child is simply unknown, or needs to be proven be beyond a doubt a petition for paternity can be filed. If you are in need of a paternity test for your child, it’s time to hire the most qualified family court attorneys Eugene has to offer. At Veralrud and Fowler we would be honored to come alongside you as you seek to determine the paternity of your child. We have successfully handled numerous cases involving paternity. It can be a stressful process, having the most successful family court attorneys Eugene can provide on your side will make all the difference in your legal process.

Who Can File a Petition for Paternity

A petition for paternity can be filed by the child’s mother or the possible father. Either party can file the petition for paternity and once approved by the judge both parties must comply.

DNA Testing

DNA testing today is far more advanced than when it was first designed. The child, mother and father will all be required to provide a check swab to be tested in order to determine paternity. A Q-tip will be swabbed on the inside of the cheek where it will collect saliva and skin cells that will be used for DNA testing. Paternity tests now have a 99% accuracy rate. By performing a paternity test this allows both parents of the child to know beyond a shadow of a doubt the paternity of the child.

After Paternity is Determined

Once the paternity of a child is determined the rights of the biological father are recognized by the court. Both the mother and the father can then begin to determine the role both will play in the child’s life. Issues such as parenting time, child custody and child support can then be dealt with. At Veralrud and Fowler we highly recommend hiring the top family court attorneys Eugene has to offer. Negotiating these issues of joint parenting can be complex and trying. It is crucial that both parties have qualified legal representation that can aid in the process of determining all legal aspects of parenting.

Rights of Unmarried Fathers

Even if the father of the child was never married to the mother he still has rights. The rights of fathers can often be overlooked or misunderstood. A mother does not have the right to deny the father access to the child. Once paternity is established the father has the right to be in the child’s life. The relationship between a child and a father is held in high esteem by the Oregon courts. They hold the belief that a father should be involved in his child’s life and will seek to establish that.

Hiring a Family Court Attorney in Eugene

At Veralrud and Fowler we understand the difficultly that can come when establishing paternity and then coming to an agreement on parenting with both mother and father. We will walk you through every step of this process and ensure that your rights are not infringed upon. After years of experience handling family law we can confidently provide you with the most successful family court attorney Eugene can provide. If you are seeking to determine the paternity of your child, it’s time to call Veralrud and Fowler.

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