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Marriage and Eugene Lawyers

Getting married can be a joyous, exciting, life-changing event. It also comes with its own challenges. Eugene attorneys Veralrud and Fowler have the experience and expertise you need to navigate the legal world of marriage.

What can Eugene Attorneys Tell Me About Marriage Licenses?

Unlike some states, Oregon has a waiting period before any issuance of marriage licensure. You will receive your marriage license three days after your application is processed. After you receive your marriage license, you will have sixty days before it expires. Unlike Montana, there is no blood tests necessary to acquire a marriage license in Oregon.

Who can get married in Oregon?

Anyone who is 18 or older can apply for a marriage licence in Oregon. 17-year-olds can be apply for a marriage license with signed consent form from either a parent or guardian. Both parties must be present to apply for a marriage license.

Who can perform the marriage ceremony?

Oregon statute says any minister of any church carrying on its work and having congregations in the state may perform marriage ceremonies (ORS 106.120). The minister who marries you is called “the Officiant.” As long as the Officiant is an ordained minister for their organization, there is no need for them to register with the state prior to officiating a marriage. The Officiant is responsible for making sure the marriage licence form is filled out completely and correctly. Oregon offers the helpful guide “Instructions to Officiants” to help ministers with this task.

My significant other and I have been together for a long time. Are we common-law married?

The state of Oregon does not recognize the validity of common law marriages. However, common law marriages entered into in another state are another question entirely. Eugene family law attorneys Veralrud and Fowler can answer these sorts of complicated marriage questions.

What will happen to my bank accounts when I get married?

Financial problems are the leading cause of divorce in this country. Otherwise healthy relationships end all the time due to a lack of planning for the future. One way to avoid these uncomfortable situations emerging after years in the marriage is to set financial boundaries from the beginning. In the event a divorce is unavoidable, arranging how your assets are distributed within the marriage beforehand will help with the often difficult and painful transition out of marriage. Eugene family law attorneys like Veralrud and Fowler have extensive knowledge about how to manage your money in a new marriage. They will familiarize you with the different ways married couples can choose to hold assets and prepare you to make decisions now that will save you tons of heartache and anxiety later.

Eugene Family Law Attorneys Provide a Firm Foundation

As you are planning for your wedding, don’t get lost in the midst of cakes and dresses and venues and bridesmaids and forget about the legal side of marriage. There are already so many things to keep track of before you get married… do not let legal questions get put to the side or saved for later. Address them now with Veralrud and Fowler.

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