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Family Law Attorney Eugene- New Statutory Language

Recently, statutory language around family law has changed in Oregon. Following trends present in much of the rest of the country, these changes are meant to emphasize the rehabilitative and pro-social components of family law rather than emulating the punitive language used in  criminal law.

Family Law Attorney Eugene – Family Law Terminology

For too long, the language used in family law was borrowed directly from the criminal justice world. This meant that the concepts conveyed by these words revolved around justice rather than reconciliation. Though there have been moves in the criminal justice world toward more conciliatory and peacemaking language in some jurisdictions, this is still far from the norm. Recent political news suggests there might be a pronounced move away from restorative justice and toward a more strident law-and-order approach in criminal law; this move may or may not not effect the overall trend in family law. For the time being, the trend is listing in the other direction.

New Family Law Language

For a long time in family law, we have been used to talking about parent-child relationships in terms of “custody.” Just like in criminal justice, “custody” implies power and control. “Fighting for custody” and “custody battle” have become all-too-common legal idioms in our society. Lately however, states like Oregon have pioneered new, more inclusive language to describe the parent-child relationship in a legal context. “Allocation of parental responsibilities” has as of late become a popular way to describe this relationship, not only in Oregon but in a growing number of states across the nation. Some parents might find this change in language confusing or distracting, but that is why it is important to employ the services of a family law lawyer in your child custody case. Keeping on top of recent developments in family law is a crucial part of what makes a family law attorney an essential member of your team. Without their constantly-evolving expertise, knowing how the most recent developments in the legal landscape effect your parental responsibility case could be almost impossible.

Parenting Law Today is Getting Better

It might be hard to believe, but the state of parenting law language is getting better by the day. Whereas court proceedings used to use terms like “visitation,” a term which many usually associate with when a free person might be able to see a person in custody, many parental law courts in Oregon have started using the words “parenting time” instead. This helps place the visitation in context that might prevent harm to the child caused by more caustic, legalistic, and confrontational language. Children can internalize the way their parents talk about the time they spend with them; depending on how this is spoken about, a child’s attitude about the situation can be effected either positively or negatively.

Eugene Oregon Family Lawyers

Whatever the state of your parental responsibility situation, the best thing you can do is get in touch with experienced Eugene, Oregon family lawyers Veralrud and Fowler today. They know the latest in family law news, and they will keep you up to date with the changes which may effect you.

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