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Eugene, Oregon Spousal Support Info

Are you going through a divorce that involves spousal support? Whether you are the one required to pay or are receiving spousal support you will need to hire the most qualified family lawyer Eugene can provide. At Veralrud and Fowler we have years of experience successfully handling divorces involving spousal support and will skillfully and efficiently manage you case. Below we have answered some of the question we are most often asked concerning spousal support.

How does the family court system define spousal support in Oregon?

Legally spousal support, also known as alimony, is the amount one spouse pays to another after they apply for divorce. This money is designed to help support the partner it is paid to. This includes rent, living expenses, food, clothing and other necessities. Once a marriage is dissolved either partner can request spousal support but is up to the judge to determine how much in spousal support will be paid and who will be receiving it.

If you are in the process of a divorce and are seeking to be paid or will be paying spousal support its time to hire the most experienced divorce lawyer Eugene has to offer. As effective divorce lawyers in Eugene we can confidently and successfully handle you unique case.

How is the amount to be paid in spousal support determined?

The amount that is required to be paid in spousal support is up to the determination of the judge. However, there are certain factors they will take into consideration before deciding upon a final amount. The judge will need to know:

How long the marriage lasted.

The age, mental and physical health of both parties.

If one spouse supported the other in furthering their training, education and earning ability.

The gross income and earning capacity of each spouse.

Once the judge has gathered all this information, including that of extenuating circumstances, they will then calculate the amount of spousal support to be paid. As you go through this process it is vital that you seek the representation of the most qualified divorce lawyer Eugene can provide. The attorney for divorce in Eugene that hire can make all the difference in your legal experience.

Can men be granted spousal support in Eugene?

Men, like woman, are eligible to receive spousal support. The laws surrounding spousal support are general neutral and simply seek to ensure that both spouses walk away from the marriage fairly.

Whether you are facing spousal support or required to pay it’s time to hire a skilled divorce attorney in Eugene.

My ex is filing for bankruptcy will the change how much they pay me in alimony?

Filing for bankruptcy does not change the amount a person is court ordered to pay in spousal support. Unlike with other forms of debt or payments owed, spousal support is not subject to change based solely upon filing for bankruptcy. In order for the amount of spousal support to be changed it will need to be taken before a judge, otherwise it is a set amount.

Should you decide that the amount you pay or are paid in spousal support needs to be altered it’s time to call the divorce lawyers in Eugene from Veralrud and Fowler. We can skillfully and confidently represent you in this legal process.

Divorce is painful and trying time in anyone’s life, even more so when spousal support is a factor. At Veralrud and Fowler we have years of experience handling cases involving spousal support and can provide you with the most skilled divorce lawyer Eugene has to offer. Call Veralrud and Fowler today and let us guide you through your legal process.

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