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Child Visitation and Parenting Plan Modifications in Eugene, Oregon

In the state of Oregon, it is much easier to modify a parenting time schedule than to modify a child’s custody arrangements. In order to modify an existing Eugene, OR child custody order, one party must be able to prove that a substantial change in circumstances has significantly changed the other party’ ability to parent the child, and they must be able to prove that amending the Oregon custody arrangement is in the child’s best interest. To modify visitation or parenting time, a party only needs to prove that a change in the visitation schedule would be in the child’s best interest.

eugene-oregon-family-law-attorney-97408-agate-stOne of the most common reasons for amending an Oregon parenting plan is when one of the parents move. For example, if a change in your employment forces you to move from Eugene to Portland, your parenting plan will need to be modified. Some options for modification might be having the parents meet halfway to drop off the child. Another would be for the parents to take turns either dropping off the child or picking the child up. If a change in employment or other circumstances forces you to move out of Oregon, you can have your parenting time back if you are in the state, but the law requires you to give the other parent 14 days’ notice. If you move out of Oregon, amending your parenting plan to include a longer block of time during the summer is in many cases advisable. Bear in mind that changes to the parenting plan and schedule of visitation is likely to affect child support in Eugene, Oregon.

Family Court Attorneys in Eugene Can Help


In Eugene, Oregon cases where a parenting plan needs to be modified, negotiating and settling cases amicably is the preferred outcome, as there is less strain between the parents which often leads to better parent-child relationships. In looking for a family law attorney in Eugene, you should make sure you choose a lawyer with extensive trial experience. An Eugene family law attorney with a lot of experience will be able to set rough expectations for how a judge might rule on a Eugene family law case, which is invaluable information in negotiating a child custody or parental visitation arrangement. Should the case be taken to court, you will have the added benefit of having an experienced family law attorney. For further information see our Family Law FAQ.

If you have questions about amending your visitation and parenting time in Eugene, feel free to call Veralrud & Fowler, a law firm that specializes in family law, for a free consultation where we can answer some of your questions, explain your legal options, and help you come up with a plan to get you to the parental visitation situation that you are looking for.

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