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Family Law Attorneys Eugene – Division of Assets Info

Divorce is both a trying and confusing experience. Finding the right divorce lawyer in Eugene is just as crucial as understanding the divorce process. One of the more vague areas of divorce is the division of assets. Oregon is an Equitable Distribution State that has very specific laws surrounding the division of assets once a marriage is dissolved. At Veralrud & Fowler, we are highly experienced divorce lawyers in Eugene. Our family law lawyers are some of the best and most knowledgeable divorce attorneys in Eugene.

divorce-attorney-eugene-oregonAn Equitable Distribution State supports the fair division of assets when a marriage ends in divorce. It is important to know that while assets are divided fairly they may not be divided equally. Should you and your spouse agree to the division of certain assets, the court will respect your agreement. This is called a Marital Settlement Agreement. The assets that cannot be agreed upon the courts will divide; however, there are several factors that go into the determination of asset division. Having the right divorce lawyers Eugene located is essential to having your assets fairly divided. Subpar divorce lawyers will fail to provide you with the representation you deserve.

The courts will first seek to classify the assets. The first classification is separate property, or property that was owned before the marriage. The second grouping is marital property, or the property that both parties accrued during the length of the marriage. The assets that are determined to be separate property will remain the possession of the original owner before the marriage. What is considered to be marital property will be split evenly between you and your spouse. The Oregon legal system by default will assume that both parties contributed equally to the marriage. Should you disagree, it is possible for your divorce attorneys in Eugene to convince the court that you contributed more to the marriage than your spouse and seek a greater share of your marital assets. This is yet another area where having the very best Eugene family attorney is extremely valuable.

divorce-lawyer-eugene-oregon-97403-glenwoodThe most common assets that are divided are actual property, such as your home, and personal belongings. The court will also divide the intangible property such as incomes, retirement plans and even debt. Debt is treated the same as property when divided. If you believe your spouse accrued most of the debt and should have to pay for more than half, have your divorce lawyer in Eugene file an appeal to the court. When dividing assets such as income and retirement, if one spouse was a homemaker they are considered to have contributed equally to the marriage and are deserving of half. The homemaker took care of the home which allowed other spouse to focus on their career and bringing an income to the home. Often spousal support is also determined by the courts during the division of the assets. It can even be used to balance out the division of assets should one party be granted a greater amount.

At Veralrud & Fowler, we highly recommend hiring one of our divorce attorneys in Eugene to guide you through this difficult time. It is vital that you are properly represented by the most qualified family law lawyers in Eugene during your divorce process. Our compassionate and caring attorneys will guide you through every step of your divorce and ensure that you are fairly treated by the courts. At Veralrud & Fowler, we have years of experience dealing in family law with a reputation of experience, effectiveness and success.

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